Son Carries His Construction Worker Dad’s Coffin To Church In A Digger. Photos

A son paid an emotional tribute to his digger driver dad by strapping his coffin to the front of a JCB. Dad-of-two Brendan Murphy, 53, made a fitting final journey inside the bucket after having worked in construction his entire working life.



Heartbroken James, 28, devised the unusual send-off after his dad passed away last month aged 53.

He strapped his dad’s coffin to the inside of the digger’s front basket while driving it between the funeral service at St Bernadette’s Church, Manchester and the cemetery.

A personalised ‘Brendan’ registration plate was also hung in the front window of the make-shift hearse.

The touching 30 minute tribute was said to have stopped traffic while making the mile-and-a-half journey to Bury Cemetery.

James told the Manchester Evening News: “Dad would have loved it. “His dad taught him how to drive JCBs and he also taught me how to drive machines, JCBs and lorries so I though it would be a fitting tribute to carry him. “A lot of people said it was a great tribute.”

The digger was able to replace the traditional use of a hearse as they are legally allowed on roads.

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