See The Holiday Picture That Has Left Online Users Confused.

This romantic holiday picture is leaving the internet baffled. The picture, which has been sweeping Instagram after it was shared by The Archbishop of Banterbury, shows a tanned couple posing for a photo in an exotic location. The snap has, however, left the internet dumbfounded – because confused users can’t work out what the woman in the photo is holding.

Countless users were left in hysterics because, at first glance, they believed the woman was holding the tree in her arm.

‘F****** hell! I thought she was holding the tree!,’ wrote the man who shared the snap.

Thousands of users took to the comments section to share their confusion, with many pointing out she’s simply holding her handbag.

The baffling photo has been ‘liked’ 40,000 times on the Facebook page with thousands of amused users sharing it.

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