Sad!! APC Leaders Hide In Shame, As Sick Buhari Is Nowhere To Be Found, 90 Days After Leaving For The UK.

There is still no sign of President Muhammadu Buhari’s arrival to Nigeria, as it clocks 90 days today, Sunday, 6th August, 2017, since he departed to the United Kingdom, UK, for medical treatment, since May 7, Post-Nigeria learnt.

On Saturday, the Nigeria seat of power bore its usual serenity, with the heavily wooded fortress remaining heavily guarded by troops and other security forces.

Presidential Aides went about their routine chores, with everyone maintaining tight lips on issues pertaining to the President.

The National Assembly is also agitated by the President’s lengthy stay in London. This was after Senator Ben Murray Bruce disclosed that the Senate would hold an urgent meeting with Buhari, on the current situation in the country, on his arrival.

The ‎Presidency, which seems to be in confusion, has not provided a definite time frame for the President’s stay in London, and has since maintained that the length of his stay there, would only be determined by his Doctors.

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has lamented that though Prof Yemi Osinbajo bears the title of Acting President, he cannot fully perform the functions of the President.

The party in a set of tweets, lamented that the medical vacation of Buhari, which entered its 90th day on Sunday, is hampering governance in the country.

The party also again demanded that Nigerians have to be told the true state of the health of the President, for the sake of the nation’s democracy.

The party tweeted: “Today, August 5, 2017 is exactly 90 days since @Mbuhari left Nigeria to the U.K. On medical vacation. @Mbuhari left on May 7, 2017.

“His protracted medical vacation is hampering governance as @ProfOsinbajo has not been able to carry out all the functions of the President

“For the sake of Nigeria’s democracy and posterity, we again demand to know the true state of President Buhari’s health challenges

“Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must work together to protect this country and our hard earned democracy.”

It would be recalled, that a number of Governors, from the ruling APC and the opposition PDP, had paid a visit to the President in London, and said that he was recovering fast, and in better health.

There were also claims that he would soon be back in the country, though no one, either from the Presidency, or among the Governors, would be specific on when he would return to the country.

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