Resign If Your Health Won’t Let You Function As President – Catholic Bishop Tells Buhari

The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Reverend Alfred Adewale Martins, has advised President Muhammdu Buhari to resign if his state of health would not allow him to live up to the expectations of the people. He gave the advice during a press conference in Lagos to mark his 58th birthday.

According to him, it was only moral for Buhari to take a bow from office in order to ensure that his health condition did not jeopardize the progress of the nation

His words: “I believe that to resign is a function of the individual and doctors who are able to give us the true picture of the state of affairs of the health of the president.

“If the state of his health has gone so bad that it’s impossible to function then obviously the moral thing to do is to take the steps necessary to ensure that his health situation does not create a problem for the nation.

“But I think we need a lot more information in order to be able to call for resignation or not. As it were today we do not have any independent information about the true state of affair of his health and therefore I will find it difficult to either support or not support unless there are some indications of what the true state of health is.”

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The archbishop called on the federal government to respect court orders on the release of those who are still in detention, arguing that it would be a reflection of the sanctity of court judgments and the independence of the judiciary than individuals concern.

He also asked the government to view the agitation of the Biafra as a wakeup call for necessary amendments in the country.

“Major restructuring of this country to ensure true federalism as both the name and the constitution of our country connote, is the right way to go. “No meaningful progress can be expected as long as the current structure in which the constituent parts of the federation still subsists as if they were appendages of the federal government.

“Most of the states in the present configuration of the nation were a creation of military fiat and depend on Abuja for monthly allocations. I want to urge the federal government to do the needful before the expiration of its present tenure,” he said.

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