Parents Reportedly Storm Schools in Edo to Resist Rumored Immunization By Army (Photos)

Afte a false rumour spread yesterday about Nigerian Army’s community care services, parents and guardians in Edo state stormed schools to withdraw their children and wards.

Parents, guardians and students at the entrance of a school in Edo state
Following rumours spread about immunization embarked upon by the Nigerian army as continuation of its ‘Python dance II’ exercise, parents in Edo state today allegedly stormed schools to stop the exercise.
According to pictures shared by Facebook user, Kola Edokpayi, the parents stormed the schools today to withdraw their wards from schools and stop the purported immunization which the army denied conducting.
Edokpayi wrote: “Parents and guradians stormed some Primary Schools in Benin today to resist immunisation of their children as a result of the rumour spreading  in some quarters like Harmattan fire that some elements  are bent on injecting the dreaded Monkey Pox  virus into children through immunisation. It is only God that can help us in this country.”


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