People keep rescuing baby animals


People keep rescuing baby animals that really don’t need to be rescued People keep rescuing baby animals that really don’t need to be rescued (Picture: Getty Images) As the kind-hearted humans we are, our immediate reaction is to help when we see a vulnerable looking, baby animal on the side of the street. But a lot of the time these animals don’t ...

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Toddler dies after accidentally locking himself in hot car when trying to get his toy


The toddler suffered a cardiac arrest after getting locked in a hot car in Houston on Thursday (Picture: Getty Images) A three-year-old has died after accidentally locking himself in a hot car while trying to get his toy. The boy, from Houston, Texas, entered the car, which was parked near a house, through the unlocked front door and then climbed into ...

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My pain is too much’: The last words of MP Jo Cox before she was shot and killed in broad daylight


MP Jo Cox with her assistant Fazila Aswat (Picture: Facebook) The woman who stayed with Labour MP Jo Cox as she lay dying has spoken of her tragic last words. Fazila Aswat, Mrs Cox’s assistant, was with the MP after she was shot three times and stabbed outside Birstall Library in Leeds yesterday. Her father, Councillor Gulham Maniyar, has now described ...

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Vigils held in memory of murdered MP Jo Cox

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (2R) lights a candle as he attends a vigil to slain Labour MP Jo Cox in Parliament square in London on June 16, 2016. Cox died today after a shock daylight street attack, throwing campaigning for the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union into disarray just a week before the crucial vote.  / AFP PHOTO / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVASDANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

Vigils have been held in Birstall and outside parliament in memory of Jo Cox (Picture: AFP/Getty Images) Vigils have been held outside parliament and in Jo Cox’s constituency after the MP was shot dead outside a library in Birstall this afternoon.  Tributes were also paid outside the riverboat that served as the MP’s London home, a note calling her a ‘wonderful, ...

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2baba street


Street Gets Named After Nigerian music legend 2fcae.     Yay……

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Baby Mama


Teacher:why do ladies want to be a baby mama? Class:because they want to be famous. Teacher:why do they choose celeb to be thier baba daddy? Class:because they want thier baby to answer thier name . Teacher:is that so ? Class? yes. Teacher:that is not good at all. Class :but teacher you are a baby daddy. Teacher:what do you mean by ...

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Former Miss USA contestant dies at 37


Her body has been submitted for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Jessica Dereschuk, her best friend was also reported to have created a GoFundMe page to raise money for her burial.   Samantha Edwards (Daily Mail) Samantha Edwards, a former Miss USA contestant, has been reported dead at her Minneapolis residence. She died on Tuesday, June 14, ...

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Governor begs doctors not to go on strike


Fayose spoke to the union’s leader and asked them not to go on strike till he comes back from Abuja.   Ekiti state Governor- Ayo Fayose (Punch) t of ARD, EKSUTH, Tunji Olaoye said the strike will go ahead despite the Governor’s plea. Olaoye also said “We hope that the issues will be resolved by Monday, if not the emergency ...

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