21-year-old Female Student Trying to Abort Pregnancy, Found Dead


A young female secondary school student who was suspected to have attempted aborting a pregnancy, has been found dead in her room on Monday in Pankshin, Plateau state. Photo used for illustrative purposes only A 21-year-old student of the Federal College of Education, Pankshin in Plateau, was found dead in her room on Monday, the News Agency of Nigeria reports. ...

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Brain Dead Mother Gives Birth to Twins After Spending 123 Days on Life Support (Photos)

Pic by Muriel Padilha/Caters News - (Pictured: Asaph and Anna Vitoria. Image Muriel Padilha.) - Brazilian doctors have become the first in the world to keep a brain dead pregnant woman alive on life support for 123 days - the longest period in medical history - before delivering twins successfully by emergency caesarean section.The boy and girl were born at seven months in February this year and discharged from hospital at the end of May. Their father, Muriel Padilha, 24, spoke to Caters this week of how his wife, Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, 21, died during pregnancy in October last year after suffering a stroke. He told how doctors took the ground-breaking decision to save the nine-week-old embryos after their little hearts continued to beat in their mothers womb as they battled against the odds to stay alive. The bereft husband, who was heartbroken by the loss his wife but overjoyed with the birth of Asaph and Anna Vitoria, described his childrens birth as a miracle. SEE CATERS COPY.

A woman who was already on life support for as many as 123 days because she was brain damaged, has given birth to a set of twins. The woman gave birth to twins Accoding to Metro UK report, a brain-dead mother identified as Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha,  successfully gave birth to twins after doctors managed to keep her alive on ...

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Instagram Slay Queen Stabbed in the Face with Champagne Bottle at a Club (Photos)


A South African slay queen who has been posing and looking all sweet on social media has been allegedly stabbed during a fight at a club. Faith Nketsi reportedly stabbed in South Africa An Instagram slay queen has reportedly been stabbed in the face with a champagne bottle over the weekend during an altercation at a club in South Africa. ...

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Man Calls His Newborn Baby “Ugly “


Facebook user who decided to vent his anger after his partner welcomed a baby he termed ‘ugly’. Children are usually addressed as ‘gifts from God’ and are said to bring joy, but one man seems to think otherwise following his actions on social media. The young man identified as Scottie Smith, took to Facebook to share a picture of his ...

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I Am Having Incredible S*x with Bestfriend’s Ex-boyfriend and Her Brother – Girl Confesses


A woman has confessed that she is not feeling right after sleeping with her bestfriend’s ex-boyfriend and her brother. *Photo used for illustrative purpose* I had s*x with my best guy friend who has just broken up with my best girl pal. I then had boozy s*x with her brother. If she finds out, she’ll kill me. I am a ...

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Man Who Bonked His Fiance’s Daughter After She Left Him in the Middle of S*x Lands in Serious Trouble


A man who was having s*xual intercourse with his lover and couldn’t ejaculate because the lady was disturbed by a neighbour who needed her attention, has finished the job with his girlfriend’s daughter. File photo used for illustrative photo A 38-year-old man from Bubi District in Zimbabwe has allegedly forced his 7-year-old step daughter into having anal s*x after he ...

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Unbelievable: Bayelsa Pastor Goes Berserk, Attacks CLO’s Secretary and Stabs Him in the Eye (Photo)


A pastor has caused a serious stir in a Bayelsa State community after attacking a man and stabbing him in the eye. Mr. Timi Igoli was stabbed in the eye Mr. Robert Gwegwe, a man who is said to be a pastor, has allegedly attacked the Secretary of the Civil Liberties Organisation, Bayelsa State chapter, Mr. Timi Igoli, by stabbing him in ...

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Horror: Taxi Driver Shot Dead in Broad Daylight in Front of Children (Photo)


A taxi driver has been killed in a very public place and in broad daylight as people in horror at the sight of murder. The incident occurred on this spot A South African taxi driver from Avanza taxi driver was shot dead on Friday afternoon. According to Daily Sun SA, the incident happened in front of residents, including children, in ...

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