‘Miracle’ Baby With Heart That Stopped Three Times Reunites With His Family. Photos

A ‘miracle’ baby who was born with just half a heart has finally been able to go home with his family.Tiny Jacob Ryan has already had to have a 20 hour heart operation despite being just three months old.During the complex surgery, Jacob’s heart stopped three times and he had to be resuscitated by doctors.



However despite all the hurdles Jacob has faced he has continued to fight and is now home from Alder Hey , with his family.

Mum Steph Ryan said: “Doctors didn’t think he would come home, they are amazed at him.

“When you look on paper at what he has been through and what is wrong with him I feel like I am looking at a different child.

“Jacob shouldn’t even be breathing on his own but he is and he is doing fantastically. The nurses and doctors can’t believe it.”

The single mum-of-four, who has one-year-old Freddie, three-year-old Alexis and seven-year-old Jack was told at her 20-week scan that Jacob had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means the left hand side of his heart did not form properly.

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