Meet The Special Family Where Nine Out Of 11 Relatives Are Dwarfs. Photos

An Indian family have spoken of how they are laughed at on the street as nine out of 11 relatives are dwarfs. The Chauhan family, from Hyderabad, Telangana, are affected by the genetic condition Achondroplasia, which causes short limbed dwarfism. They are the largest dwarf family in Hyderabad and are often taunted in the street when they are in public together.

Patriarch Ram Raj, 52, said: ‘If we go out, people crowd around us and ask us strange questions like, ‘Why are you so short?’, ‘Where are you from?’. Everyone teases us.

‘Ram Raj works as a ‘Marriage Welcomer’, where he dresses up and welcomes guests to weddings, but finding employment has proved challenging for the family.

He said: ‘No-one was willing to give me a job. I have faced a lot of problems because people look at me and say, ‘How will you manage?’

The other members of the family who are of short stature, including Ram Raj’s brothers and sisters, also find it very difficult to get steady work.

Ram Raj once had a family of 21 people, 18 of whom were dwarfs.

Out of his seven sisters and four brothers, eight of his siblings suffered the same condition.

Ram Raj says that even though people laugh at them, and the condition makes it difficult to travel, get married and lead a regular life, the family believes God has given them this condition because they are special.

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