The man who was run over by a car thief survives with minor injuries

A man was run over by a carjacker who stole his car at a gas station (read here) but he miraculously survived with minor injuries and was even well enough to grant an interview. Also, the carjacker has been caught.

36-year-old Bradley Hunkapiller left his car running and went into a convenience store at Hill and McCord in Toledo, Ohio early in the morning on August 30th but emerged immediately to try to stop a thief from taking his car. He was unsuccessful and the thief ran him over and drove on. Bradley was seen in surveillance footage writhing on the floor in pain after he was hit. But he survived and only suffered a broken ankle, scrapes, and tyre marks on his arms and legs.

Speaking to ABC News about the Incident, he said he usually leaves his car running whenever he goes to that car station and he never expected such to happen in that neighbourhood.  He said the car thief ran over his chest, leg, and arm but, luckily, he only suffered a few bruises and a broken ankle.

“I shouldn’t have left the keys in the car,” Bradley said. “I mean it was bad enough as it is but it could have been so much worse. So I’m actually very blessed.”

The Lucas County Sheriff’s Office tracked down a suspected car thief on Wednesday. Detectives arrested Christopher Badgett, 46 and charged him with aggravated robbery. Christopher Badgett should face a judge on Wednesday.


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