Man Hit By A Train As He Tried To Take The Perfect Selfie. Photos

A man has been hit by a train after trying to capture the perfect selfie while stood by tracks. Sickening footage shows the man position himself for a picture with the speeding train, but as it gets closer it becomes clear he has made a terrible mistake.

The man, who has been identified by local media in Hyderabad India only as Shiva, was rushed to hospital after being smashed by the train.

In the video clip that emerged online on Wednesday, he smiles into his smartphone camera and keeps his right arm pointed at the approaching engine.

Someone is heard warning him but he appears to say, “wait wait”, determined to achieve his dramatic shot.

The train’s whistle gets louder and those watching the video can sense the danger hurtling towards him, but Shiva is oblivious and grins wider.

Suddenly, he is hit and the image goes blank after a loud sound.

The audio, still on, catches the commotion as people realise what happened and rush towards the wounded man.

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