Man Allegedly Maltreated By Police In Kano.

As shared on facebook.. World of wickedness.

This is my friend Emmanuel Augustine.

Augustine is a successful business man dealing in Pharma products. He is based in Kano.

Just this afternoon, he called me to inform me of how he was maltreated this morning by police in Kano.


According to him, he went to his shop this morning and they were asked to leave the market for no reason, then traders decides to ask why they are asked to close and not to open where they feed from. At a time the police started shooting and they have to run for their lives, he fell and the police mount on him, used stick and gun-head on him, dislocated his knee, fractured his two bones and crippled him. He has been in a place where he can get fixed, at least to walk again.

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For a married man to call me crying while telling me a story of how he was maltreated by the Nigerian police in Kano is sad to hear.

I pray he recovers quick.

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