Love Those Who Hate You.

It is very important to love our enemies.Above all thing i would recommend to your charity towards your enemies.”love your enemies”,”say our lord,”do good to them that hate you;and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you,that you may be the children of your father who is in heaven,”. how sad it is to see christian who go to church and even to receive holy communion and still retain enemity in their heart!if any one has injured you and you wish to be revenged try to act as the saint have done st paulinus tell us to love one’s enemy is a heavenly revenge , st Catherine of Siena took revenge on a woman who had her honor and this was her revenge:

During a long and several illness which the woman suffered st catherine waited on her as a acacius sold his possession in other to assist ambrose supported a man who was made an attempt on his life.venustain the governor of umbria a persecutor of the church,had the hand of st sabinus ,bishop of spoleto cut off because the saint instead of adoring an idol,broke it to pieces .Hereupon the governor was seized with such violet pains in the eyes that he called on the saint to help him.sabinus prayed for him and not only cured his body but also his soul;the governor embraced the true faith.

Love is very important in our lives,the surest sign of mutual love is to love someone who offended you.If you can do nothing else,dear reader,play for those who have injured or offended  you.If you truely love God you will do all in your power to make others love Him,”We may likewise say:If you truely love yourself,you will make every possible efforts to win souls to God,for he who converts a sinner saves only not the sinner, but himself.

As a good christian,try and show good example,see your enemy as a brother or as a sister,by doing so many of them will emulate from you and will change for good,by so doing you will win more souls to God.

In conclusion,whatever you are doing in this life,remember that there is life after death,think about it.The love that is directed to the spiritual welfare of your neighbour is the best.


About Igwilo Emilia

Igwilo Afoma Emilia, popularly known as Emilo, is a fast rising Nigerian musician, song writer and producer. A gifted writer and social commentator, Emilo is one of the strong believers of Democracy, Freedom and Social liberty. Her passion for running a news blog stemmed from her quest for truth and desire to keep the people adequately informed about the realities around them.

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