Kenyan journalist risks his life to save disabled beggar from a swarm of angry bees outside Supreme Court

Victor Muyakane, a reporter with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) has become somewhat of a national hero after saving a physically disabled beggar as he fled from a swarm of bees that run amok attacking Kenyan opposition (NASA) and ruling party (Jubilee) supporters at the Kenyan supreme Court on Wednesday,  September, 20.

Muyakane was covering a demonstration against the Supreme Court ruling that nullified the election of incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta by his Jubilee supporters for his news network.

City Hall Way was a no go zone for minutes as bees sent Jubilee protestors and the police scampering for safety. But Muyakane carried the disable man and ran with him even as the bees stung him.

Photos of Muyakane saving the crippled man have melted the hearts of many people.

The journalist, who himself was on the receiving end of bee stings had to be rushed to a nearby hospital. He reportedly lost his phone during the melee.

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO ,Ezekiel Mutua has offered a Kes 10,000 reward for Victor Muyakane for his heroic action.

“This man Victor Muyakane, a reporter with KBC, risked his life to save a disabled guy from the swam of bees at SCOK yesterday. He is a hero and his acts of kindness and bravery represent the best of human virtues. I celebrate him. I personally donate Ten Thousand Kenya Shillings to him as a token of appreciation for this spontaneous show of love to humanity. Whoever knows him kindly inbox me his number. I want to call him personally to celebrate him!” wrote Ezekiel Mutua.

Several other celebrities also commended Muyakane for saving the disabled beggar. Jacque Maribe wrote:

“This is Victor Muyakane…a KBC TV reporter and news anchor…as people scampered when bees attacked people near Supreme Court, he instead dashed to help this disabled Kenyan…never mind the bees landing on him at the time. He, is a hero, a true spirit, we celebrate you!

When bees struck … as others reacted and scattered….. he responded …. the difference between Reaction and Responding

Dennis Itumbi: “Everybody took cover from the bees, but this journalist was the hero. I salute you Victor Muyakane.


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