Keeping Malice Is Doing More Harm Than Good In A Relationship.

A man and his wife had an argument at home, after about 20mins, the man went to the bathroom to take his bath when he was having his bath, he slumped inside the bathroom .He called his wife, but his wife did not respond.His wife yelled ”don’t call my name, just leave me alone”.The woman did not know the reason why her husband was calling her, but she failed to answer him because she was still mad at her husband.

After one hour, she noticed that her husband had not come out of the bathroom, she saw her husband on the floor.She called his name and shook him, the man refuse to wake up. She shouted and ran out to call her neighbors.Her husband had already died, because his body was cold.

No matter how angry or sad you are,never neglect to attend to people who call you for help,if the woman have attended to her husband on time,she would have taken the man to hospital and he would have survived.when someone calls you on phone,do not ignore,or say you are too busy,because you don’t know the kind of information they want to pass unto you.when you see the missed call,try to return it,just to known the reason why they called.you may never known,if someone needs help or want you to rescue or the person is in danger and want you to call security,or for you to be or she.


Even if you are having issues with your partner,whenever he or she calls you please don’t hesitate to answer the person as soon as possible. As the situation is now,it’s too late for the wife to tell the late husband sorry.please,if you are a man or woman reading this whatever is the issue you are having with your family members,whenever any of them calls you don’t hesitate to answer the caller as fast as possible.

The wife will be heart broken by now,i want anybody reading this to learn from this article. They say that household enemy is the number one enemy. So, keeping malice is doing more harm  than good in a relationship .



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