How angry pastors plotted against prophet Chris Okafor


According to an article written by Mr. Brown, there are mini wars and dirty politics presently going on in nowadays churches and need to be made open for sincere Christians to be aware of. The article reads:

“So, I promised to keep everyone updated on happenings in some of our Designer churches, especially the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries (MLMM) a.k.a Liberation City. No be small thing o.

First of all, I was at the church on December the 31st, 2016 waiting for the man of God to download prophecies for 2017 and to my greatest surprise, the man no talk anything. Suddenly he said “two weeks into January, I will make known to all of you and our country, what the Lord is saying concerning this year”! Two things came to my mind: 1. It’s either this man didn’t hear anything from God concerning 2017, or 2. He’s scared of receiving the Apostle Suleiman cum T.B. Joshua treatment from angry Nigerians.

Everyone saw the 2017 prophecies from our eminent Apostle and how readers lambasted him over what they termed “Elementary predictions”. One reader even claimed that his primary school kid could have done better. Well, may be Dr. Okafor has dodged the bullet, maybe he has not. But I am convinced he will still release those prophecies. Nigerians are waiting, especially me. When it happens, you will hear it from me first.
Going straight to the main topic of the day, we have heard from a very reliable source that the Man of God Dr. Chris Okafor is currently engaged in serious House Cleaning in his church due to certain degrees of “Pastoral Misbehavior” among some of his pastors and it looks like a heavy rain of wahala is about to fall. According to my very reliable contact, many pastors have been affected plus including the one in South Africa whom I hear is now back at the headquarters where he screams prayers for the man of God during service. In fact, I have it on good authority that some of the affected pastors who have either been transferred or given other functions are now on full PROTEST mode.
We hear that one Pst Tony Obaseki who they say was like the Osinbanjo of the church at some point is currently leading the team of other angry pastors who are currently fine tuning a plan to disgrace the man of God by framing him up with all manners, especially in the media. According to my contact, one of the pastors in the ANGRY PASTORS team broke ranks with the rest and went ahead to confess their evil plans to the church management. We hear he has now been rewarded with a juicy branch of the church somewhere in Nigeria. The rest are bent on a show down with the man of God.
A show down that will leave most Nigerians wondering, “wetin dey happen”? I can’t wait! I even heard that the ANGRY PASTORS have now teamed up with some perceived enemies of the man of God and have lined up false witnesses to testify against the man. Someone said one of the witnesses got angry and left because they couldn’t pay her the amount of money they agreed to pay. See Nollywood movie!!! Church politics o!
2017 is definitely starting on a great note for the Gossip industry. If you want to hear it all, stay with me people. We have some more coming.
Don’t forget to show some love as we get set to launch our new magazine, The  Undercover in March. Details later, Mr Brown said.”

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