Get Rich Quick And Die Young (Must Read)

Get rich quick and die young is never the answer. Many young people are doing all kinds of things in the name of making money,without thinking about the dangers ahead of them. Some are looking for help where there’s no help,did you know that killing someone for money ritual is a sin before God and man,some are looking for help where there’s no help.

Quick money is too deadly,and you will only think that it is part of hustling,but it is will only put you into.

I this articles written by,i want to use this opportunity to tell all the young people out there to focused on their carrier and work hard.Creatvity and hard work will do you well in your business,when you are creative enough in what you are doing people must surely patronize you in one way or the other.

Nothing goes for nothing in this kind of get rich quick offer,they will give you wealth in exchange with human head,heart,breast,eyes,Private parts and so on.Did you think they will help you for free?No”they will not.Just recently there is this horror picture  on the internet about a man who killed a lady and dismembered almost all her body.Why killing someone for money ritual?Some of this people looking for quick money  are too lazy to work.

Why not think about the consequences of quick wealth before you endangering your life.Did you know that many have gone in the quest for money,what goes around comes around,think more about the disadvantages not the advantage.

Whatever you want to do with your life,just remember to stay away from quick wealth,is not an option and will never be, some are being told to come for sacrifice before they will be rich.I think the major causes of this evil act is poverty,but being poor is not an excuse,i think impatient is one of the causes of this evil act,try and be patient in anything you are doing in life,when you are determined to make money in life,you have to be careful on the part you choose to follow,i will suggest you work hard and stay away from trouble and get rich quick offer.

How to avoid being tempted to go into the offer of make money quick and die young syndrome

(1)Envy:Don’t be envious of rich people around you,remeber that all hands are not equal.

(2)Jealous:Don’t be jealous of other people’s progress,focus on your work and remember that hard work pays.

(3)Bad friends :Stay away from bad friends that will put you into trouble or will make you do what you don’t want to do.


In conclusion whatever you are doing in this life try and work hard,be yourself and remember that God’s time is the best.





































About Igwilo Emilia

Igwilo Afoma Emilia, popularly known as Emilo, is a fast rising Nigerian musician, song writer and producer. A gifted writer and social commentator, Emilo is one of the strong believers of Democracy, Freedom and Social liberty. Her passion for running a news blog stemmed from her quest for truth and desire to keep the people adequately informed about the realities around them.

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