For nearly two months now, Nigerians have not heard from President Muhammadu Buhari

For nearly two months now, Nigerians have not heard from President Muhammadu Buhari since he departed for London on medical followup as Nigerians do not know if he is alive or not.

To say that most Nigerians are disappointed with the ruling All Progressives Congress under President Muhammadu Buhari is stating the obvious truth. From increased petrol price to the high cost of living, exorbitant prices of goods and services, dollar scarcity, crash of the naira etc are some of the disappointments associated with the government of Buhari.
Many had hoped that with the momentum and promises he made prior to his election in 2015, it would have translated to something more meaningful and positive for Nigerians. Sadly, things have gone from bad to worse. It has been from one controversy to the other – the selective fight against corruption, tussle for superiority between the executive and the national assembly, indictment of Buhari’s appointees over allegations of corruption, lop-sided appointments and many more are the many setbacks that have let down a man who had started with high hopes.
It is also interesting to note that Buhari’s performance so far has been affected by his lingering ill-health which has been shrouded in secrecy to the extent that ordinary Nigerians do not know the health status of their President as I write. These and many more were caused by the bad advice he received from his media aides and other vocal lieutenants popularly referred to as the ‘the Cabals’.
On the 7th of May, 2017, President Buhari jetted out of Nigeria in a rather suspicious manner after briefly seeing about 82 Chibok girls released by Boko Haram terrorists in a swap deal with the government. According to a statement by Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina later that day, the President had travelled to United Kingdom for medical follow-up.
This is after President Buhari had earlier in the year, precisely on the 19th of January left the country for medical checkup in London. He later wrote the Senate that he will not make it back and demanded for an extension of his stay in the UK. He later returned on the 10th of March after spending taxpayers’ money on medical bills for over 49 days in the UK. He came back with tales of how he underwent blood transfusion and couldn’t recall ever being sick like that since he was a young man.
The President’s revelation about his sickness came after his myopic aides had filled social media space with photos of the frail President in London in a bid to convince Nigerians that Buhari was fit to continue ruling as President. Femi Adesina even swore with his life that Buhari was hale and hearty. He entertained us with thoughts that he was in contact with the President all the time, that Buhari was as fit as a fiddle. Shockingly, all were lies coming from a purported man of God who now serves as the Presidential spokesperson. How Nigerians believed such mind twister who came on national television to deceive Nigerians, a man who would rather defend lies all in a bid to please his masters is still a shock to many. The rest of the macabre dance of shame by Adesina is now history.
There have been serious reports that President Muhammadu Buhari might have succumbed to his illness in the UK. The allegations are too hefty to be kicked aside. A former British lawmaker and ex-military officer, Eric Staurt Rice in May alleged that Buhari was dead. Rice dared the President’s media aides to prove him wrong as he took to Twitter writing: “Very sad to learn, hear of the death of President Buhari, who I campaigned for. Thoughts with his wife @AishaBuhari and family.”
He then added: “The President of one of the world’s largest and sensitive country died today [Friday] in London today. In our main news bulletins, not a word.”
Since the news went public, President Buhari’s aides have not brought any tangible evidence to disclaim the allegation. Surprisingly, Femi Adesina and others including the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed have all turned a blind eye to the story leaving Nigerians in the dark. Nigerians have been treated like a side chick with no legal right to her lover. Since leaving the country in May 2017, Nigerians have not seen a recent picture, video or even voice evidence to show that President Muhammadu Buhari is still alive.
It is now nearly two months, yet the garrulous Femi adesina and Garba Shebu (media aides to Buhari) have not uttered a word with proof on the President’s health since he traveled to the UK. Maybe, they learnt about the tragic lies they peddled as press statements on behalf of the President during his extended medical trip earlier in the year which later backfired. Just maybe!
Femi Adesina who has proved his mettle as an unreliable, pathetic lying maniac who dribble Nigerians with fake stories about the President’s health status which is obviously classified and above his paygrade has been as silent as a graveyard.
The allegation by Rice about Buhari’s death calls for serious concern. It is not something to be watered down as another wailing. Nigerians have the right to know if Buhari is alive or not and with serious evidence to prove it. The allegations by Sahara Reporters that Aisha Buhari didn’t see Buhari after she visited London gives cause for serious concern. Sahara Reporters had some days ago alleged that Buhari might have suffered speech impairment and memory lapses. The report revealed that the President’s ill-health has left him with speech difficulties and that he might be suffering from cancer. The report further alleged that the cabals in the Presidency are using every available opportunity to manipulate and deceive Nigerians by making decisions on behalf of the President.
The recently released Sallah speech alleged to be that of President Buhari has elicited criticisms not just because it was addressed in Hausa but for the fact that it has been discredited by some notable Nigerians. Of particular interest is the allegation by a northern social media influencer and foremost journalist Jaafar Jaafar, who on Monday, 26 June 2017 revealed that the alleged audio of Buhari’s Sallah address to Nigerians released by BBC Hausa is not a recent recording. He said the audio was released by a mischievous aide to deceive Nigerians.
“Buhari did not grant interview to BBC recently. Although the clip/insert is original, it was simply a propaganda subnational broadcast packaged and released by an overzealous aide to con hyper-zealous fans into believing that the president is in the UK for fishing expedition.” Jaafar Jaafar wrote on Facebook.
Buhari’s aides have run out on lying ammo as they have been silent while drama over Buhari’s health continues to dominate media space. I am sad that it is in my time that this impunity is taking place as it is now considered a sin to demand the right thing from the people we elected to serve us, these same people who feed fat on our common patrimony while treating us as lepers. Nigeria as a country suffers when opinions are divided along ethnic lines, the result is that the common man continues to suffer in this dynasty of irregularities that has made us stagnant over the years .
History will judge President Buhari’s handlers and his ill-equipped advisers who have continued to exploit him for their selfish gains instead of telling him the obvious truth – to resign from this energy-draining work and concentrate on salvaging his health before it is too late.
It is not a shame to fall sick, never! Because we all will someday succumb to death. It is very sad how President Buhari’s lieutenants have managed his health crisis by peddling lies and ridiculing a sick man who ordinarily should enjoy the goodwill of Nigerians if the true nature of his predicament is made public. They have forgotten so fast that no matter how hard one tries to cover a pregnancy, people will still know when the tummy starts protruding. It is obvious that Adesina and his colleagues have run out of steam to defend the indefensible. They have become dumb crows that only open its mouths without the ability to make any sound. How sad things have suddenly degenerated for a once promising administration due to the ineptitude of those entrusted with the task of speaking for the President. The unprofessional display of quackery by Adesina and others is a great insult to Nigerians. As we write their names in the long list of the book of lies, we say a short prayer hoping that a divine intervention for President Buhari at this most trying period will come fast.
At the end of it all, truth will surely prevail.

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