Easy Ways Of Making Money With Small Amount Of Money .

Dream big and make it happen,many people are struggling to make money and help their families but they don’t know where to start.I think I will help you to make a suggestion, did you know you can make a huge some of money from poultry business, some will say that it’s a dirty and local businesses but it’s not. People that is into poultry faming are making it big this days. Why not start with little amount of money and take it up from there. Think about it and thank me later.


Did you know that you will make huge some of money as a fashion designer? Not anyhow fashion designer but a very creative one, I will tell you what I mean by that. They said that many are called but few are chosen,so many people are are into the business but only few of them are creative enough to make their work to stand out and speak for them. Allow your work to speak for you not you that will speak for your work. So many fashion designer are still feeding from hand to mouth because they lack customers. Did you know why they don’t get enough people to patronize them? They copy from other people’s work. Why not be yourself and think how to make your work to attract more customers.

Did you know that you will make alot of money from shoe 👟 making? Majority of people wear imported shoes and see home made shoe as local one,they are very wrong.Remember that all hands 👐 are not equal. Rich people might be interested in foreign shoes but average people will like to patronize you because even if they can afford foreign made they will choose to patronize you because locally made shoes are cheaper than foreign made.

Did you know that you can make alot of money from writing? So many bloggers will pay you for writing an narticles for them and you will easily make money from it.If you are a good writer,why not start start thinking of how to make money from your writing skills.If you don’t know how to get to those bloggers,why not tell them about your writing skills on the comment section. You can also make money from writing a good novel.

No talent is a  waste,everybody is unique in his or her own way,if those celebrity you are looking up to tell you how they started you might even be better than most of them.If you are dreaming to be among the richest man👨 or woman 👩 in the world you have to start from somewhere.

Why not start thinking of how to be your own boss if you are unemployed .It very difficult to get a well paying job in Nigeria this days. Instead of working as a sales boy or a sales girl,and have small amount of money as your salary. I think is better for you to start thinking of  how to start your own job. If you are working already don’t quite yet until you are ready to make your own money. You can think of fish 🐠 faming, pure water business, bread 🍞 making and so on.

I am more consined about the youths because most of them are too desperate to make quick money without thinking about the consequences. Let me tell you one secret don’t you ever ask someone the secret or the source of his money or the secret of his or her money. This simple question might be to deadly for you,for example,if your friend you are asking of how he or she is making money happen to be a secret cult member after telling you the secret of his money and you are afraid of them. He might treating to harm you because of his involvement in occult.

Finally whatever you are doing always remember to put God first.

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