Creativity Matters.

Be creative in whatever you are doing.. Be it shoe making, tailoring, writing and so on. Try and make your work to be deffrent  in what others are doing ,example”most of the shoes in the market almost look similar. If you want your own to enter market faster make your design to be different from other people own. I will give you an idea if  you are into shoe making besiness.you can try to use race material to do your work.Don’t copy what other people are doing. If you are a writer, why not write different topic from others, it’s a free world try and express your self and be original. If you are a tailor and you want people to notice your handwork. This advice is for you ,think of a unique style other tailors don’t know of . In all, try and make  whatever you are into   look different from others that is what will make your work stand out among other people’s own. I will be given you slit of ideas on how to get a unique handwork that will make your work noticeable and make you rich and popular in Your Own way. In conclusion whatever you are doing  originality matters a lot. For more information email me on Igwiloafoma@gmail.com.. Author  emilogist.com

About Igwilo Emilia

Igwilo Afoma Emilia, popularly known as Emilo, is a fast rising Nigerian musician, song writer and producer. A gifted writer and social commentator, Emilo is one of the strong believers of Democracy, Freedom and Social liberty. Her passion for running a news blog stemmed from her quest for truth and desire to keep the people adequately informed about the realities around them.

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