Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones banned on public flights


US authorities have warned airline users not to charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on a flight or even turn it on. BBC reports that the warning was issued after reports emerged that the high class android smartphones explode during charging. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter samsung galaxy phone samsung galaxy phone It reports further that the US’s ...

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Beware – hidden cameras could be filming your PIN at cash machines

This scamming device was found taped to the top of an ATM in Heaton Moor. It was an iPod Nano with the camera facing down towards the pin pan and recording people entering their PIN

This scamming device was found taped to the top of an ATM in Heaton Moor, Manchester (Picture: Manchester Evening News) People are being warned that iPods could be filming you entering your PIN when you get cash out of an ATM. One such hidden device was found at an ATM in Heaton Moor, Manchester, on Wednesday night. The owner of the ...

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How to access WhatsApp on your computer


Source: Gadget Clinic • If you’re busy at work and you feel like chatting with somebody on WhatsApp, you can do that on your computer with the aid of an app designed for that purpose. The web service is compatible with WhatsApp mobile apps on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia’s S60 or S40 phones. Your phone also needs ...

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What you think about this special, customised coffin?


Many people request for customized coffins to reflect the occupation of their deceased loved ones, while for some others requesting a customised coffin is viewed as a taboo because it is like calling death to one’s self.   Be that as it, this so called ‘taboo’ did not stop many people from admiring this unique aeroplane modeled coffin made by ...

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Latest Keke Napep With Air Condition….Photos


Many passengers complain that the tricycle popularly called Keke Napep, as it is fondly called in Nigeria, is not conducive enough. These complaints seem to have got the ears of manufactures who now have cozy tricycles to replace the old styled ones. See pictures below;

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“Talent In Display”; Checkout This Unbelievable Artwork.. Photos


Some people are really talented… It will be very hard to believe that this work was done with match sticks…Every part of this “building” was created with match sticks…

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These are the brand new Apple emojis you need to know about


These and many more will be coming out soon (Picture: Goode) More than 100 new and redesigned emoji have been added – and one has been removed – in Apple’s next update. The highly anticipated new release will be available on iOS 10 when the update comes out, probably in September. And iPhone owners will wave goodbye to one ...

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These 10 apps are killing your phone’s battery


Finally, we know the cause of this (Picture: Getty images/REX/ It’s almost the definition of a first world problem. Do you allow your phone’s battery to die before the end of the day, or take a clunky charger everywhere you go? As an alternative, you could simply try to cut down your use of the 10 apps that really drain ...

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