Important Facts About Short Men And Women.


One thing you have to understand is that if you think that nature cheats on you, world people can’t cheat you.Many people thought that it is easy to deceive a short man or woman,let me tell you what I observed from this,tall man and woman are easy going people but those that is short by nature are not. Don’t get ...

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Beware Of Unknown Numbers.

Please if any one send credit to you and the person later called you that it was a mistake that you should that you should send it back to them. If you send it back, They will still call you to ask for details that they want to appreciate what you did and pray for you. Please do not listen ...

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Young Guys Should Get A Job Early.


Youngmen have to do work,it’s very important to get a young man a job ,if he is too young to get a job, put him in internship or allow him to work  in your office it will  make him to feel busy to avoid him moving up and down  to avoid putting himself into trouble. When a young man is ...

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Relationship Are Not Ready Made.


Did you know that relationship are not ready made?Yes it’s not,it’s you that will make it work,try and work it out,work harder,build your relationship and make your own to look like it were ready made.To fall in love is very easy and also,fallout of love is very simple. I have discovered that love doesn’t guarantee the success of a relationship.Love ...

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Get Rich Quick And Die Young (Must Read)

Get rich quick and die young is never the answer. Many young people are doing all kinds of things in the name of making money,without thinking about the dangers ahead of them. Some are looking for help where there’s no help,did you know that killing someone for money ritual is a sin before God and man,some are looking for help ...

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Love Those Who Hate You.

It is very important to love our enemies.Above all thing i would recommend to your charity towards your enemies.”love your enemies”,”say our lord,”do good to them that hate you;and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you,that you may be the children of your father who is in heaven,”. how sad it is to see christian who go to church ...

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Believing In yourself Is The Best Secret Of Success.


Whatever you want to do in life,if you  believe in your self you will surely go places and the sky will be your limit.A lot of people are struggling to make in life. One thing you will understand is that all hands are not equal,but that does not stop you from believing in your self and focus on your work. ...

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Things You Should Consider Before Selling Your Product On Credit.


Things you should consider before you start selling your goods on credit to your customers (1)Trust:Do you trust your customer enough to sell your goods to him or her.when you have issue of trust to that particular customer” As in,you don’t trust him enough, please for your own good, don’t sell your goods to him because you might end up ...

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