Police Arrested 35 Commercial Sex Workers .


The police have arrested 35 commercial sex workers at Awoshie, Accra, for allegedly engaging in immoral conduct. The suspects, between the ages of 18 and 27, are currently in police custody assisting in investigations. Items retrieved by the police from their rooms included quantities of condoms and sex materials. The Accra Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Osabarima ...

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Say ‘No’To Get Rich Quick And Die Syndrome.


Don’t be in a hurry to make quick money. Desperation is very dangerous because many have gone in the quest for money. Why making money you might not be alive to enjoy?If everybody is thinking about the dangers of get rich quick syndrome things will be better as it is now.  Did you know that it’s too dangerous to ask ...

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University Of Jos Bans Indecent Dressing On Campus


The leadership of the University of Jos has moved to curb the spate of s*xual immorality among ladies with a check on their mode of dressing. The school has directed its security to arrest any student whose dressing assaults the sensibilities of the members of the university community. The institution also warned that improperly dressed students would be barred from ...

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Suspected Homosexual Has Been Arrested For Dressing Like A Woman And Allegedly Seducing Men


A suspected homosexual has been nabbed for dressing like a woman and allegedly seducing men into homosexuality in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital. Chris Boateng, 26 aka Nana Kwame, a resident of Medoma, near Kumasi, claims to have been practising homosexuality for 16 years now. Chris is also called Tracey or Ciara when she dresses like a female and purportedly ...

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A Teacher Has Been Accused Of Having Sex And Threesome With Colleague.

Married mother-of-three teacher pleads guilty to having sex with her student, 16, in bid to avoid prison (but she could still be locked up for a threesome she had with another teacher and the same student)
Shelley Dufresne was arrested in September when a student at the high school she taught at started bragging about sleeping with two teachers
It was later revealed that the 16-year-old had sex with both Dufresne and his former English teacher, 24-year-old Rachel Respess 
Dufresne, 32, pleaded not guilty to charges in November, but changed course on Thursday when she admitted having sex with the teen 
In a forgiving plea deal, Dufresne will only have to attend a 90-day therapy program, stay away from the victim and turn in her teacher's license 
In exchange, the charge of carnal knowledge of a child will be dropped after her probation and she won't have to register as a sex offender
However, Dufresne is still awaiting an arraignment on charges for having a threesome with the same student and Respess in a different parish

This is so unfortunate  ”A teacher has been accused of having sex up to 40 times with a high school football player including a threesome with a colleague.” Shelley Dufresne, 34, is standing trial accused of two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile in Destrehan, Louisiana in 2014.Shelley Dufresne, 34, is standing trial accused of two counts of carnal knowledge ...

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Easy Ways Of Making Money With Small Amount Of Money .


Dream big and make it happen,many people are struggling to make money and help their families but they don’t know where to start.I think I will help you to make a suggestion, did you know you can make a huge some of money from poultry business, some will say that it’s a dirty and local businesses but it’s not. People ...

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Keeping Malice Is Doing More Harm Than Good In A Relationship.


A man and his wife had an argument at home, after about 20mins, the man went to the bathroom to take his bath when he was having his bath, he slumped inside the bathroom .He called his wife, but his wife did not respond.His wife yelled ”don’t call my name, just leave me alone”.The woman did not know the reason ...

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Woman Kills Her Husband While Trying To Stop Him From Drinking Alcohol.


Did you know that it’s too dangerous to buy some of this so called Fulani’s  local medicine “concoction “.I was told that a married woman was very angry 😡 about her husband’s life style,the man is a drunkard, because of this the woman begin to look for help.And she was introduced to Fulani’s local medicine. After purchasing the concution she ...

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