Easy Ways Of Making Money With Small Amount Of Money .


Dream big and make it happen,many people are struggling to make money and help their families but they don’t know where to start.I think I will help you to make a suggestion, did you know you can make a huge some of money from poultry business, some will say that it’s a dirty and local businesses but it’s not. People ...

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Beware Of Unknown Numbers.

Please if any one send credit to you and the person later called you that it was a mistake that you should that you should send it back to them. If you send it back, They will still call you to ask for details that they want to appreciate what you did and pray for you. Please do not listen ...

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Get Rich Quick And Die Young (Must Read)

Get rich quick and die young is never the answer. Many young people are doing all kinds of things in the name of making money,without thinking about the dangers ahead of them. Some are looking for help where there’s no help,did you know that killing someone for money ritual is a sin before God and man,some are looking for help ...

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Love Those Who Hate You.

It is very important to love our enemies.Above all thing i would recommend to your charity towards your enemies.”love your enemies”,”say our lord,”do good to them that hate you;and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you,that you may be the children of your father who is in heaven,”. how sad it is to see christian who go to church ...

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Things You Should Consider Before Selling Your Product On Credit.


Things you should consider before you start selling your goods on credit to your customers (1)Trust:Do you trust your customer enough to sell your goods to him or her.when you have issue of trust to that particular customer” As in,you don’t trust him enough, please for your own good, don’t sell your goods to him because you might end up ...

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Indroducing, Emilogist How To Get Help On The Matters That Is Bothering You.


Intoducing  ”how to know” a lot of things around you . (1)How to make money from plantain farming. (2)How to know your true friends. (3)How to know if your househelp is genue. (4)How to know when your children are telling you lies. (5)How to know when your neighbours are jealous of your progress. (7)How to get inspiration on song ...

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Creativity Matters.


Be creative in whatever you are doing.. Be it shoe making, tailoring, writing and so on. Try and make your work to be deffrent  in what others are doing ,example”most of the shoes in the market almost look similar. If you want your own to enter market faster make your design to be different from other people own. I will ...

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Be Your Own Boss Today


Our youth need to start leaning hand work and not to depend on anybody . With the current global economy situation in Nigeria,which has led to slow economic growth in most  European countries and United States of America,the demand for labour has been declining globally ,not excluding our dear country Nigeria,resulting to high level of unemployment in our country. For ...

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