Acid attack victim reveals horrific burns following assault outside cinema


Warning: Graphic Content Samir Hussain shows his scars (Picture: SWNS) A phone shop manager who was doused in acid has revealed the horrific burns he suffered as a result of the attack. Samir Hussain was assaulted in the car park of Crawley Leisure Park in West Sussex, between 1 and 1.30am on August 30 2015. He was in agony as the ...

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3-Year-Old Girl Whose Head Was Bigger Than Normal Undergoes Life-Changing Surgery. Photos


Roona Begum whose head was three ties bigger than normal has got it reduced from 37 to 23 inches after a life-changing treatment. The three-year-old lives in a remote one-room hut with her Indian parents. Her family wasn’t able to afford treatment but charities rallied to pay for care. Surgeons drained fluid from her brain before remodeling the skull…. Roona, ...

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Lady spotted vomitting blood in Ikorodu


Oh My! Lady spotted vomitting blood in Ikorodu garage (Benson) yesterday after being droped by a beautiful car. this should stand as warnings for ladies especially those that do visit Online Guys. Ladies beware……  

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Symptoms of Kidney Failure


Many different symptoms can be signs of kidney failure. No symptoms are present sometimes, but usually someone with kidney failure will see a few signs of the disease. Possible symptoms include: a reduced amount of urine swelling of your legs, ankles, and feet from retention of fluids caused by the failure of your kidneys to eliminate water waste unexplained shortness ...

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Red meat consumption linked to kidney failure


Written by Tim Newman A new study, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, investigated the long-term impact of red meat consumption on kidney health. Their findings justify the current caution suggested in regard to red meat and organ health. [Chunk of red meat] Research investigates the effects of red meat on kidney health. Red meat, such ...

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End time sweet(mother’s beware)


Parents, let’s watch what our kids buy as sweets. This is actually a sweet a child bought to lick. Mothers especially should sit up. May God help us! Parent’s beware….. Children beware….

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Mahendra Ahirwar boy with hanging head undergoes surgery -pictures


  Mahendra Ahirwar boy with hanging head undergoes surgery -pictures Mahendra Ahirwar, a 13-year-old boy  was left as an outcast in his villagein India because his head hung upside down.  He tried using surgery to straighten his neck. His condition is called congenital myopathy which has made the muscles in his neck so weak . His parents Mukesh Ahirwar, 41, ...

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11 year old boy with Skin condition


Ramesh Darji 11 year old boy with Skin condition making him look like a statue- pictures Ramesh Darji’s  skin is replaced by thick  scales 15 days after his birth due to a skin condition. It is called Ichthyosis, which causes thick scales to grow on body, slowly turning him into a statue. Ramesh’s scaly appearance scares other children, meaning he ...

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