Wait…Did this groom actually do this on his wedding day? (Photo)


Lol! Don’t dare put asunder!vvvvvv

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Ladies, will you wear this wedding dress on your special day?


Would you agree to wear this for your big day?

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See What They Did To President Obama, Buhari And Governor Okorocha..


Some people can be Who did this to governor Rochas Okorcha, president Obama and his Nigerian counterpart; president Muhammadu Buhari.

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See This “Creepy” Cake Made For A 60-Year-Old Man That Has Got People Talking.


Photos of what some have labelled a creepy cake have been trending online due to obvious reasons. The unusual cake was made to celebrate the birthday of a 60-year-old man. While some online users are different about the nature of the cake, others have questioned how a cake made in human form can be eaten without any irritation. See different ...

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When The Witches Of Your Village Is Demanding Your Spinal Cord


Stupid But Funny

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Caption This Photo Between “These Drunk Girls And The Police”


This is serious. They can’t even hold themselves even in the presence of the police. lol

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Change Or Chain?Emilogist Jokes


Teacher:How can you describe the situation in Nigeria   ? Student:Well to my own understanding everybody  is in chain. Teacher :What do you mean by that? Student:Because i know the truth but i don’t want to say it. Teacher:But why? Student:Because if i say the truth Nigeria will call police for me . Teacher :Speak i am here to teach you ...

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