Be Your Own Boss Today

Our youth need to start leaning hand work and not to depend on anybody .

With the current global economy situation in Nigeria,which has led to slow economic growth in most  European countries and United States of America,the demand for labour has been declining globally ,not excluding our dear country Nigeria,resulting to high level of unemployment in our country.

For so long now,unemployment has assumed an alaming and distubing rate in Nigeria ,with millions of able-bodied persons willing so accept any job,yet they are unable to fine any .

This issue of unemployment has been a majoy issue challanging the lives of so many youth .This has landed so many Nigerian youth into conditions of frustuation,depressed and dependency.The most annoying part of it is that most of this youth are graduates’.

Please,pay attention on this very part ..are you a youth out there searching for a job without any coming forth?Have you getting a job with a low pay that leaves you with little or  nothing  or an unfavorable condition at the end of the month after deducting your transport fares and other expenses?

Now this advice is for you,yes, I am aware that so many ”graduates and non graduates” desire to start their own businesses, but they are facing a lot of challanges.

The time is here.The time has come for Nigeria graduates to start thinking beyond their qualification,Acquiring degree upon degrees without a better paying job is like a waste,do not get me wrong.Degree without a work or well paying job is like a man going to unknown destination.

Certificates have never helped Nigerian economy in any way .Most of the successful businesses we have in Nigeria today are not own by only  educated people or professors,but by those who saw the need to develop their business potentials .

Why not be your own boss!!let me ask you a question,if everybody want  to work under somebody without thinking of establishing our own businesses,what will happen in the future?,lmthink about this .Degrees matters and so what?Aside your paper  qualifications what else can you offer in Nigeria economy?try and make a change .

Do away with your pride,forget the fact that you are a graduate and learn a handwork and be your own boss,stop wasting your time searching for job .

Stop job hunting, learn a handwork of your choice ..Fishing ,farming ,shoemaking,tailoring and so many of them .What matters is not how you start but how you will end,Focus on handwork.

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About Igwilo Emilia

Igwilo Afoma Emilia, popularly known as Emilo, is a fast rising Nigerian musician, song writer and producer. A gifted writer and social commentator, Emilo is one of the strong believers of Democracy, Freedom and Social liberty. Her passion for running a news blog stemmed from her quest for truth and desire to keep the people adequately informed about the realities around them.

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