Baby Mama


Teacher:why do ladies want to be a baby mama?

Class:because they want to be famous.

Teacher:why do they choose celeb to be thier baba daddy?

Class:because they want thier baby to answer thier name .

Teacher:is that so ?

Class? yes.

Teacher:that is not good at all.

Class :but teacher you are a baby daddy.

Teacher:what do you mean by that?

Class:are married ?


Class:but you have a baby.


Class: that means our teacher is a celeb.

Teacher: no ,i wanted to be a celeb before.

Class:teacher please zip up !!!!!!



About Igwilo Emilia

Igwilo Afoma Emilia, popularly known as Emilo, is a fast rising Nigerian musician, song writer and producer. A gifted writer and social commentator, Emilo is one of the strong believers of Democracy, Freedom and Social liberty. Her passion for running a news blog stemmed from her quest for truth and desire to keep the people adequately informed about the realities around them.

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