Human Parts Dealer Caught in Kwara State.


It is so unfortunate that many heartless people are now killing human in the name of making money.Why killing fellow human?If you value yourself try and do same to another.A middle aged man has been arrested in Ilorin, the Kwara State for possessing human parts. It was gathered that the suspect had been monitored by residents of Ita Kudimo, Abata ...

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A Lady Was Electrocuted While Placing A Mobile Phone On Her Body While Charging It.


This is the lady that died while charging her phone and left the phone on her body. It is quiet unfortunate that she is already dead. See many people thought that making use of their phone while the phone is connected to the electric power does not matter,you are totally wrong. It matters a lot. In fact it’s too dangerous. ...

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We All Have To Take A Bold Step And Be A Light To This Dark World .


We have the power to change the world so we all have to take a bold step and be a light 💡 to this dark world,  let us be the change we  want to see in the world. Many are complaining about Unemployment, food scarcity and so on. I think that if you are thinking of how this world will ...

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Violence Never Brings Permanent Peace In A Relationship.


Domestic violence is one of major problem in our society today. A lot of women are keeping quiet over this issue while some women who thinks that they can’t take it anymore are ready to speak out.Did you know that many women are in danger because of the abusive relationship they are into.Only a woman that will tell you if ...

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Download Emilogist Quotes .


Emilogist quotes is all about everything you expect to see and download ,it’s all about how special your friends and families and your loved ones are,Instead of you to start to typing why not go ahead and download emilogist quotes ,it is very easy to download .Emilogist quotes is all about celebration,marriages,birthday,infact everything about life and after life .Emilogist quotes ...

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Easy Ways Of Making Money With Small Amount Of Money .


Dream big and make it happen,many people are struggling to make money and help their families but they don’t know where to start.I think I will help you to make a suggestion, did you know you can make a huge some of money from poultry business, some will say that it’s a dirty and local businesses but it’s not. People ...

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Major Causes Of Road Accident Worldwide .


Overspeeding  is the major cause of  accident on the road, in 2017, there are many cases of accident on the major roads and I asked my self a question,what could be the reason. Then I realized that about 95 percent of accident cases is caused by overspending .If you are a good driver please remember that overspending didn’t make you ...

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Keeping Malice Is Doing More Harm Than Good In A Relationship.


A man and his wife had an argument at home, after about 20mins, the man went to the bathroom to take his bath when he was having his bath, he slumped inside the bathroom .He called his wife, but his wife did not respond.His wife yelled ”don’t call my name, just leave me alone”.The woman did not know the reason ...

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