Man Narrates His Ordeal In The Hands Of Human Kidney Hunters(Must Read)

This a must read story.. A man by the name Eze recently told me his ordeal from the hands of under world who move around in hunt of human kidney.his  story goes……..’I entered a commercial bus popularly known as danfo from alaba in’l market.I was tasty and i needed to drink water,i saw a pure water vendor running after our ...

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Relationship Are Not Ready Made.


Did you know that relationship are not ready made?Yes it’s not,it’s you that will make it work,try and work it out,work harder,build your relationship and make your own to look like it were ready made.To fall in love is very easy and also,fallout of love is very simple. I have discovered that love doesn’t guarantee the success of a relationship.Love ...

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Get Rich Quick And Die Young (Must Read)

Get rich quick and die young is never the answer. Many young people are doing all kinds of things in the name of making money,without thinking about the dangers ahead of them. Some are looking for help where there’s no help,did you know that killing someone for money ritual is a sin before God and man,some are looking for help ...

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Household Enemy Is The Worst Enemy


Many believe that household enemy is the number one enemy.Household enemies could be your husband, mother,father,brother,sister,step sister, step brother, uncle, aunty,househelp and so on. When you have this kind of relatives and they are jealous of you or your progress. Household enemies are too dangerous because you are not expecting that they will harm you,you will  be usually less cautious ...

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Love Those Who Hate You.

It is very important to love our enemies.Above all thing i would recommend to your charity towards your enemies.”love your enemies”,”say our lord,”do good to them that hate you;and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you,that you may be the children of your father who is in heaven,”. how sad it is to see christian who go to church ...

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Thought Of Suicide Alone Is Too Dangerous (Must Read)


If you are depressed,no matter what happened suicide is never an option.Alot of people are taking their lives lately,either by jumping into the liver or by hanging and so on.The thought of suicide alone is too deadly.No matter the situation you found yourself into,don’t allow yourself to get depressed. What is happening,could it be frustration?if it’s,then you need to discuss ...

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The Suicide Rate Have Increased In Nigeria.


Depression is real.The suicide rate have increased in Nigeria. By Christopher Oji and Itoro Godwin The CP ordered the deployment of drones and boats to the scene, to retrieve the man’s body, it was gathered. A witness to the suicide last night shared his experience on Instagram. The lady, who identifies herself as @bimmms24, wrote: “I witnessed the worst thing ...

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Things You Should Not Forget Before Leaving Your Home.


Things you should not forget to check on while leaving your home … (1)Gas cylinder:Gas is very useful at home but too dangerious,Many people don’t turn off their cylinder while leaving the house ,gas is the one of the most dangerous home equipment but some people are taking it for granted. Do you know that when you didn’t turn the ...

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